Research and Interpretation of the British Military Knapsack of the American War for Independence

If you are looking for the knapsack article that used to link to this page, you can find it here.

The previous knapsack article is obsolete. Research has shown that the goatskin covered foldover canvas knapsack is an invention of recent times. It was created to satisfy a need for a goatskin knapsack suitable for use by British troops of the American War for Independence period. It grew from a misunderstanding of the development of the British military knapsack from the simple cowhide tube of the Seven Years' War period to the multipocketed internally braced painted canvas case of the post Napoleonic period.

The 33rd Foot is developing a full goatskin covered knapsack. It will make use of the goatskin that you remove from your current goatskin covered canvas knapsack. The current knapsack will be adapted into a painted canvas knapsack.

While these projects are under development, please enjoy these images of soldiers with knapsacks.