The Rules

Welcome to Under the Redcoat!

You are in the presence of a hostile army.

In a bad mood.

Please conduct yourself accordingly. This is our weekend. We want to interact with you, but do not taunt, bother, or annoy the Redcoats unless you are willing to suffer the consequences. The consequences range from boring and uncomfortable to escort off the premises by a uniformed Colonial Williamsburg security officer.

Unruly children will be assigned to a period of tedious chores. We may not harm you, but real Redcoats could have. If you take unfair advantage of that you are breaking the rules.

You may expect to be searched. Repeatedly. You have no rights. Welcome to life under Martial law.

All persons in 18th Century clothing are subject to search. Pockets on the right side of the body ; coat, waistcoat, breeches, ladies pocket - are off limits. That is where to keep keys, camera, wallet, credit cards, ID &c. All other areas may be searched. That includes baskets, baggage, packs, parcels, pouches, hats, shoes - anything.

If these rules are not agreeable to you, please go back to your room, put on comfortable 21st Century clothing, and enjoy Under the Redcoat as a tourist.